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Test Your Sump Pump / Clean Your Pit

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Test Your Sump Pump / Clean Your Pit

Make Sure There is no Debris in the Sump Pump Pit

Springtime is coming and with that season comes the rain. Before it all arrives, here are a few tips to help ensure your basement stays dry during the rainy season.

  • You can check your sump pump by filling the pit with enough water to turn the pump on and watch it pump the water out.
  • Check your Sump Pump Check Valve. After you watched your sump pump, pump the water out when the pump shuts off you should see minimal water come back into the pit. Also, the pipe above the check valve should have water in it. If you notice too much water coming back in or there is no water in the pipe above the check valve, then there may be an issue with your Check Valve.
  • Check downspouts/gutters to make sure there are no debris, birds’ nests, leaves, etc., and the water is draining at the end of that drain where it discharges.

As always, if this is something you are not comfortable doing on your own, please let us know. One of our experienced and friendly technicians will be happy to stop out and help.

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