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Septic Tank Pumping in Delaware, OH

Septic Tank Pumping in Delaware, Lewis Center, Powell, OH, and Surrounding Areas

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Septic systems are usually part of rural or suburban areas where municipal sewer systems may not be as prevalent and efficient as cities. More than 1 in 5 households have a septic system installed for their drainage.

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Upkeep of a Septic Tank And Drainage System

Although our services are on your beck and call 24/7, we believe that preventive maintenance is always better than waiting until a problem arises. To avoid septic tank issues and blockages, there are certain measures you can undertake that aid in the operation of your household’s drainage system.

  • Lower water consumption
  • Lower solid waste output
  • Don’t drain chemicals into your sewage system
  • Regulate rainwater away from drain fields
  • Don’t drain hot tubs down the drain

How is a Septic Tank Cleaned?

Septic tank cleaning is usually performed by pumping out the sludge and other waste using vacuum equipment. The frequency of such thorough cleaning services depends upon the type of tank, size of the tank, water consumption, etc., but a professional plumbing expert can determine whether or not a tank requires a cleaning.

The pumping of a septic tank involves pumping the floating scum layer between the sludge and the floating water. Plumbing services arrive with a tanker truck and vacuum equipment, after which a hose is inserted into the septic tank through its cover. While the suction of the scum is on, a technician stirs and breaks up big chunks of scum so that they mix with the fluid waste and get easily sucked out by the hose.

When Should You Schedule a Septic Tank Pumping?

As per EPA recommendations, you should clean the septic every two to three years. You may also require mechanical pumping every three to five years. The frequency of such cleaning services may also vary depending on factors such as:

  • Household capacity: A household with more members will generate more waste, making the tank fill faster and requiring more frequent pumping.
  • Wastewater generation: Water consumption will determine the wastewater flowing into the tanks. Small households may also consume more water leading to faster deposition of waste in the septic tanks.
  • The solid content in the wastewater: The content of the tanks also determines the frequency of a septic tank pumping service. Households with more toilets or a higher solid waste generation frequency also require more frequent cleaning services.
  • Size of the septic tank: Larger tanks will hold more waste, therefore, reducing the frequency of a septic tank cleaning service.

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