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Gas Furnace In Delaware, OH

Gas Furnace Services In Delaware, Lewis Center, Powell, OH, and Surrounding Areas

A gas furnace is a popular choice for home heating because it is energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. If you are considering installing a gas furnace in your home or need to repair your current system, Emergency Plumbing Heating and Air is here to help. We are an HVAC company in the Delaware, OH, area, which consists of a team of experienced technicians who can assist with all your gas furnace needs, from installation to repairs and maintenance. Give us a call today at (740) 217-0450 to schedule a free consultation.

Gas Furnace Repair installation

But what exactly is a gas furnace, and why might it be the right choice for your home? Here is a breakdown of the basics:

What Is A Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace is a home heating system that uses natural gas to generate heat. The furnace works by drawing in cold air, heating it up using a burner and a heat exchanger, and then distributing the warm air throughout your home using a series of ducts and vents.

Why Choose A Gas Furnace?

There are several reasons why homeowners opt to install a gas furnace in their homes:

  • Energy efficiency: Gas furnaces are generally more energy-efficient than other heating options, such as electric or wood-burning stoves. This means they can save you money on your energy bills over time.
  • Reliability: Gas furnaces are also known for their reliability. They have few moving parts and do not require special fuel, so they are less likely to break down or require repairs.
  • Cost-effective: Gas is typically less expensive than electricity, making it a more cost-effective choice for heating your home.
  • Safety: Gas furnaces are also safe to use. They are equipped with safety features such as flame sensors and pressure switches that help to prevent gas leaks and other hazards.
  • Convenience: Gas furnaces do not require fuel storage, such as oil or wood, making them a convenient choice for homeowners.
  • Environmental friendliness: Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel source, producing fewer emissions than other fossil fuels like oil or coal.

Common Gas Furnace Issues

Like any other home appliance, gas furnaces can experience issues over time. Some common problems include:

  • Dirty or clogged filters: Filters help to remove dust and other contaminants from the air. If they become clogged, they can restrict airflow and cause your furnace to work harder than it should. This can lead to decreased energy efficiency and increased wear and tear on the system.
  • Thermostat issues: The thermostat is the control center for your furnace. If it is not functioning correctly, it can cause your furnace to run inefficiently or not work at all. If you are experiencing issues with your thermostat, it may be time to have it repaired or replaced.
  • Clogged burners: The burners in your furnace are responsible for heating the air. If they become clogged with dirt or debris, they may not work properly, leading to decreased performance and efficiency.
  • Leaks: Gas leaks can be dangerous and should be addressed immediately. If you smell or notice a leak, turn off the gas supply and contact one of our professionals immediately.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your gas furnace running smoothly. Here are some tips to help you maintain your system:

  • Keep your furnace clean: Regularly vacuum the area around your furnace to remove dust and debris.
  • Replace filters: Make sure to replace your filters regularly (typically every 1-3 months) to keep your furnace running efficiently.
  • Inspect your furnace: Look for any visible signs of wear and tear, like rust or lose bolts, and address any issues promptly.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: Have one of our professional HVAC contractors inspect and maintain your furnace at least once a year. This can help identify and fix potential issues before they become bigger problems.
  • Consider a maintenance plan: Our HVAC company offers maintenance plans to our customers in Delaware, OH, and the surrounding areas. This includes regular inspections and tune-ups to keep your furnace running smoothly. These plans can save you money in the long run by helping to prevent costly repairs.

You Can Rely On Us

If you need help with your gas furnace, Emergency Plumbing Heating & Air in Delaware, OH, is here to assist. Our team of experienced technicians can handle everything from installations to repairs and maintenance. For HVAC services, including heating repair in the Lewis Center, OH, area, don’t hesitate to call us at (740) 217-0450. We are dedicated to providing top-quality service and ensuring that your gas furnace runs at its best.

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