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Build Your Own Marshmallow Launcher

Marshmallow Launcher

Build Your Own Marshmallow Launcher

Between the heat from the summer and the Coronavirus Pandemic limiting activities, kids are BORED! Turn this bummer summer into a blast by having your kids build their own marshmallow launcher. This is a super fun, simple, and cheap activity that is sure to cure those summertime blues.

Watch Plumber Doug shows you how to build your very own Marshmallow Launcher out of PVC/CPVP Pipe.


You will need a 1/2 inch PVC or CPVC Pipe. Cut the PVC or CPVC Pipe to the following lengths.:

๐Ÿ“ (1)-5 inch length

๐Ÿ“ (1)-7 inch length

๐Ÿ“ (5)-3 inch lengths


๐Ÿ“ (2)-90ยฐ

๐Ÿ“ (2)-T’s

๐Ÿ“ (2)-Caps


๐Ÿ“ Mini Marshmallows

๐Ÿ“ Cooking Spray

The lengths are only suggestions, feel free to cut the pipe to whatever length you want. Have fun with it! In the video, we show you a few different ways you can configure the Marshmallow Launcher. You can configure the launcher in any arrangement you want. When you build your own marshmallow launcher, you are able to experiment and create different versions to see which design you create launches the fastest and farthest.

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