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Tamara Leeper

Tamara Leeper

Wow! I accidentally flushed a couple of Lysol wipes down the toilet tank toilet didn’t flush completely so I was concerned it would cause a backup, so wanted to make sure it got “augured out” so not to cause any damage or drain clog. Everyone I dealt with exhibited Exceptional Amazing Customer Service! From my initial phone call at 1:20pm talking with receptionist Skylar, to the call from Chris the Plumber to the job completed by 2:41pm! Chris had an apprentice with him so I’m sure he’s learning from the best! All in less than 2hrs! My peace of mind is worth allot so I feel so confident that the drain clog is gone. With Senior discount it was very affordable! Especially because it was an emergency for us but not considered an emergency service. I would strongly recommend this company especially because I feel I could really trust them if I really had a terrible emergency but hopefully never need them for that…Thanks so much!

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