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Signs Of A Water Leak

water leak

Signs Of A Water Leak

Some water leaks are obvious while others go unnoticed, silently wreaking havoc in your home. Water leaks can cause structural damage that could cost you $$. Water leaks can also be harmful to your health as they can create mold and mildew growth and could affect those with respiratory issues. Sometimes water leaks are easily found while others are difficult to detect on your own. Below are possible signs of a water leak:

  • Increased Water Bill: It is normal for your water bill to increase in the summer when you are watering plants, washing your car, or watering your yard. If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill and you haven’t increased your water usage; you should consider calling a professional as you could have a water leak.  
  • Running Water Meter: Check your water meter. Is it continuously running when you are not using water? If so, it could be a warning sign of a leak.  
Water Meter
  • Standing Water: Do you see wet spots in your yard, standing water around your toilet, sink, or tub? These are red flags you could have a water leak.  
  • Signs Of Water Damage: Look for signs of water damage such as brown spots on the ceiling or paint bubbles on the wall. If you can’t identify a possible water source above the ceiling stain, you may have a leaky pipe. 
water damage

Water Damage On Ceiling From Leaking Pipe

  • Musty Smell: Leaks that go unnoticed can cause mold and mildew which creates a musty smell. If you find that you continuously have a musty smell, no matter how much you clean, you could have a hidden leak.  
  • Sound Of Water: Splashing, hissing, thumping, and babbling brook sounds are all indications of a possible water leak. 
  • Foundation Cracks: As your home ages it isn’t uncommon for some cracks in your foundation to form. If you notice a foundation crack developing quickly, you could have a water leak and need to call a professional immediately. Failure to do so could cause structural damage.  
  • When To Call A Professional: If you can’t stop the leak or are unable to find the leak, shut off your main water valve and call a professional immediately to avoid further damage. We are Leak Detection Experts! Emergency Plumbing, Heating & Air has special leak detection equipment to quickly locate and repair the source of the leak, even if the leak is under concrete or behind a wall. Call us today if you suspect a leak, (740) 217-0450.
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