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Prevent Damage To Your Water Heater Due To Winter Season

How to Protect Your Water Heater This Winter scaled

Prevent Damage To Your Water Heater Due To Winter Season

Heating HVAC appliances are necessary for our homes for a comfortable indoor experience. However, water heaters are more prone to winter damage than other heating appliances as their components are more exposed to the cold. Not all heater owners know that the chilly winter season can harm their appliances even if they serviced their heaters regularly.

Protecting our water heaters during the winter is important to avoid costly bills and unwanted problems. Problems like a burst pipe and structural damage are common in the winter. You can contact your plumbing contractors in Delaware to fix these problems, but you can avoid these problems by following these tips throughout the season:

Insulation of Pipes

The pipes connected to your water heater are the easiest victim of the chilly winter season. Non-insulated water heater pipes have to work harder than usual to supply hot water to your family due to lower temperatures, which leads to increased energy bills.

Cover your water heater pipes with insulation pipe wrap to decrease heat loss while transferring water. Insulation of pipes ensures that you do not have to run your heater for more hours than usual and keeps your energy and water bills in control.


The default temperature of a water heater ranges from 115 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Decreasing this range by a few degrees can help you lessen your energy bills due to lesser electricity consumption. Try not to exceed the water heater temperature from 125 degrees Fahrenheit as it may lead to a scalding problem.

Regular Flushing

The water tank of your heater accumulates debris and sediments on its bottom surface. This debris decreases the water storage capacity of the tank and can contaminate the stored water. Moreover, the debris can also create problems like clogged drain valves and rust.

The best way to avoid sediment settling in the water tank is to flush the system annually. If you use your heater extensively, flush it out twice a year. Contact professional plumbers for assistance if you do not know how to flush out the system or do not want to get in the mess.

Pressure Relief Valve

Irrespective of the type of heaters, all water heaters have a pressure relief valve that works as a safety device. The responsibility of this valve is to release the pressure inside the water heater in case of excessive pressure.

To know the working efficiency of the pressure relief valve, lift it halfway. If the valve goes back to its position automatically after letting it go, the valve is functioning normally. However, if the valve remains intact when you release it, you need to contact professionals to check the valve and its working.

Gas and electric heaters work extensively in the winter season. No matter how much you take preventive measures to avoid damage, they may need repair jobs due to wear and tear or technical damage. We at Emergency Plumbing Service are the leading water heater service in Lewis Centre, Ohio, and have assisted thousands of families with our services. You can contact us at (740) 217-0450 for plumbing services and HVAC maintenance in Delaware, Powell, and surrounding areas.

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