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Never Put These Items Down Your Garbage Disposal


Never Put These Items Down Your Garbage Disposal

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  You will soon be cooking up a storm for your family and friends.  Of course, when that fantastic meal has been gobbled up you have to then clean up.  It is tempting to just scrape off the plates into the sink for the disposal to take care of.  It’s a garbage disposal that’s what it does to get rid of all those scraps, right?  Did you know certain foods are very hard on your disposal and drains could damage your disposal and clog your drains?  That is why we are recommending you put your garbage disposal and drains on a diet, that’s right a diet. Watch the portions you are putting down the disposal, no carbs, and no gluten.  

Here are a list 8 items we suggest you NEVER put down your drain or disposal:



Rice absorbs water and over time swells in the drain and takes forever to dissolve which could result in a clogged drain. 


Coffee Grounds

coffee grounds


Coffee Grounds can easily accumulate in the drain, and they attract grease which builds up and could result in creating a clogged drain.


egg shells

Eggshells have a thin membrane that can get tangled in the blades. The small pieces of eggshell can get stuck on the sides of the walls of the drain and can accumulate, which could cause a clogged stinky drain.

Grease and Oil


Grease and Oil should never be thrown down your disposal, drains, or toilet.  When the grease solidifies it turns into this gummy gross substance that can easily build up on the sides of the drains.  It can even collect other debris going down your drain/disposal/toilet which could cause a clogged drain.



Nuts/Seed/Pits can damage the disposal blades possibly even to the point they break.





Pasta, like rice, expands with water.  The starch from the pasta creates a thick paste-like substance that will stick to the pipes, which could build up and lead to a clogged drain.

Potatoes/Potato Peels


Potatoes/Potato Peels, much like pasta, create a starchy paste that hardens and could clog your drain.



Bones are extremely dense and are very hard on your garbage disposal blade.  The bones can easily dent, bend and break the disposal blades.


Keep your disposal and drains clear, odor free, and happy all year round, scrape those plates and throw those scraps
into the garbage can or into compost.  If you have more questions on what
you can or cannot put down the disposal or your drains, call us at
740-217-0450; we would be happy to go over it with you.  We are available
24/7 -365 days a year, call us if you need us.

From our family to yours, Happy

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