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Money-Saving Tips in Cooler Temps

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Money-Saving Tips in Cooler Temps

A chill is in the air here in Delaware, Ohio. The colder the weather gets, the higher your winter energy bill will be, and this year inflation has us all trying to save money where we can. We have put together a few money-saving tips to help keep you and your budget cozy during these cooler months.

Money-Saving Tips In Cooler Temps:

Did you know that decreasing your thermostat temperature by just 1° saves 1% on your heating bill? Installing a programmable Thermostat or a Smart Thermostat can help you save money. 

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats allow you to adjust the times you switch on the heating or cooling according to a pre-set schedule. Multiple daily settings (six or more temperature settings per day) can be stored and repeated by programmable thermostats. You can manually override any of those settings without impacting the rest of the daily or weekly schedule

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats link to Wi-Fi and understand your schedule and preferences. They even know when you are not home.  This technology enables you to conserve energy by automatically adjusting the temperature setting.  You are also able to control settings from your smartphone.  A couple of the models will prompt you to conduct more energy-efficient behaviors and reminds you to change your air filter.

Other Ways To Save Money

Change Your Air Filter

Dust, grime, mold spores, soot, germs, and allergens accumulate in your home’s air and air filter. We suggest setting up a scheduled routine to change your air filter to keep your family safe and your HVAC system working efficiently. 

Check The Doors & Windows

Inspect window and door seals and their weatherstripping.    If you detect any air leaks, quickly fix the issue. Doors and windows need to be properly sealed. If these issues are not addressed, your HVAC unit will not provide the optimal temperature because air leaks will cause the escape of the heat from your home.

Keep Your HVAC System Area Clear

Prevent damage to the HVAC equipment by ensuring your unit is clear of leaves, plants, or weeds. We suggest pruning any tree branches that are hanging over your heating & cooling unit, In addition, do not store combustibles near the furnace, and keep the area free of dust and debris.  

Flip The Switch On Your Ceiling Fan
In the winter, your ceiling fan can help push warm air down. There should be a switch on your ceiling fan that will make your fan turn clockwise. When your fan rotates clockwise, it creates an updraft and circulates warm air throughout the room. 

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Our Bi-annual maintenance extends the life of your equipment, prevents unexpected repairs, and reduces your energy costs. New and aging systems benefit from an HVAC maintenance plan. You could save hundreds on parts and labor. Click here to learn more about our VIP Family Maintenance Plan.  

If you perform these tips and are still experiencing high energy bills or poor temperature control, Contact Emergency Plumbing Heating & Air at (740) 217-0450. Our experienced technicians offer HVAC services including furnace installation, furnace maintenance, heating tune-ups, and furnace repair in Delaware, Ohio at a price you can feel comfortable with.  

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