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How to Maintain Your Sewer and Septic Systems

How to Maintain Your Sewer and Septic Systems

How to Maintain Your Sewer and Septic Systems

Septic and sewer systems are common in rural areas where municipal sewage treatment facilities are hard to find or are not present at all. They are private sewage treatment systems that separate solids from liquids from the waste generated out of households. Though they sound like white elephants, their maintenance cost can be considered negligible compared to their performance. If taken adequate care of, even this cost can be further reduced along with increasing the lifespan of the whole system.

Let’s take a look at some pointers that we should keep in mind to make our septic systems last for an indefinite period:

  1. Avoid flushing non-biodegradable solids into the drain:
    These systems at our homes follow their biological cycle to get rid of these dumped wastes. But non-biodegradable wastes cannot be treated by the helpful bacteria, ultimately clogging the drainage and malfunctioning the whole facility.

  2. Avoid using harsh chemicals:
    Detergents, bleaching powders, etc., are common in households. Still, once we upgrade to some even more harsh chemicals like latex or paint, it may cause the bacteria to die, resulting in sluggish performance. Even drainage of hot tub water should be avoided because the chlorine in it is notorious for its bacteria-killing property.

  3. Keep your pumps isolated:
    This is a very simple precaution but is often overlooked. Drains should be constructed away from parking or drainage areas to avoid soil from being compacted. If possible, water from the land and roof drains should be drained away from the system. Otherwise, this additional water may affect the performance of the whole facility.

  4. Don’t over-exhaust your machine:
    Even though it’s mechanical device, septic systems may also get exhausted if forced to do overwork. So, it is always suggested to use an efficient amount of water. This way, you will be contributing to the environment and the health of your sewage system.

  5. Inspection and cleaning:
    Though it is said to forget all sewage issues once these systems are installed, it is advisable to inspect your systems occasionally to avoid any future hazards. You may install risers so that it will not be a Herculean task to take a look at these facilities once in a while. You can also request cleaning services to get rid of all the clogged dirt within the system. For this, you may contact us at . We are best rated for our septic tank cleaning services in Delaware, OH.
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