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Busted! 3 Common Myths About Home Heating

Busted 3 Common Myths About Home Heating

Busted! 3 Common Myths About Home Heating

During the chilly winter, you can’t live without heat. You’re probably always looking for methods to save money on your heating expenses if you’re a wise homeowner. There is a lot of useful information available on the web. Don’t get fooled by faulty advice or rash assumptions. Several misconceptions might cost you money. These fallacies about home heating might waste energy and money. Knowing the facts will assist you in lowering your energy expenses and improving the comfort of your house.

Let's take a look at three common heating system myths:

  1. Increasing the temperature on your thermostat will help you heat your home more quickly:
    It’s tempting to set the thermostat up far higher than normal when all you want to do is get warm – and fast. It is expected that by doing so, the home would warm up more rapidly. This, however, is a myth. Your furnace doesn’t and can’t produce additional heat simply because you raise the thermostat. It heats your house for extended periods instead. You’ll overheat your house and waste money and energy if you neglect to alter the thermostat back to the temperature setpoint you desire.
    Fact: A furnace can only be turned on or off. Raising the thermostat does not make the air flowing out of the register warmer; rather, it causes the furnace to work more to attain the desired temperature.
  2. Your house will be warmer with a larger furnace:
    Many factors influence the size of your heating unit, including the size of your home, the layout, and the quality and design of your ductwork. While more can be better, an enormous system would most certainly short-cycle due to frequent transitions between on and off modes, resulting in persistent wear and tear or even system failure.
    Fact: An efficient furnace that is the proper size for your home will perform far better than a large system with more capacity than you want. Climate, housing design, and weatherization are all crucial considerations. Efficiency improvements will lower the cost of a new furnace by allowing you to choose a smaller one. If you reside in a chilly region, go for the most efficient system rather than the largest.
  3. Closing vents will help you save money on your heating cost:
    The pressure load of the air is balanced throughout the home if you have a contemporary forced-air system. Vents that are blocked will influence how the system draws air in and out. This can make the system work harder or even cause the device to fail. Those rooms with closed vents will get colder over time, drawing heat from the surrounding rooms. As a result, you’ll consume the same amount of energy to heat your house, but your system will be stressed and damaged.
    Fact: Heating systems are made to be balanced. Backpressure may be created by closing air vents, causing ductwork to leak and lowering heating system performance.

If you have a forced-air heating system, talk to a trained technician about turning off the heat in empty rooms or modifying dampers in the ductwork to send heat where it’s required. Do not allow these myths to cost you money. Learning the facts about heating system efficiency will help you conserve energy, lower your winter heating expenditures, and keep your family comfortable throughout the season. For all of your heating repair in Lewis Center, OH, contact Emergency Plumbing Heating & Air. Emergency Plumbing Heating & Air is one of the best HVAC companies in Delaware. Call us today at (740) 217-0450 or visit our website.

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