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Pumpkin Guts Are A Nightmare For Your Drain


Pumpkin Guts Are A Nightmare For Your Drain

October brings cooler days and nights, beautiful fall foliage colors and a favorite holiday to many, Halloween.  Most people will begin to adorn your porch and doorways with Halloween decorations and start carving pumpkins with their families.  Before you start carving your pumpkins, we want to tell you to be mindful of where you are throwing away those pumpkin pulps and seeds.  Do not put them down your drain.  They can clog your drains ruining your pipes and garbage disposal.  If the pulp and seeds get past the disposal blades the remaining “guts” can get stuck on the sides of the pipes.  When it dries it becomes extremely hard like cement creating a huge problem for your pipes.  We suggest carving your pumpkins on a newspaper so you can easily discard your pumpkin innards and seeds into your garbage can or compost pile.  You may want to take the extra precaution of rinsing your hands off outside with your outdoor faucet.  The only thing this Halloween that should give you a scare are the ghosts and goblins, not your drains.  Happy Halloween!

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