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How Long Does A Furnace Last? – Average Life Expectancy


How Long Does A Furnace Last? – Average Life Expectancy

Winter is approaching and so is the need to take a closer look at your furnace so that you would not have to be uncomfortable in the cold. But what if some issues are there?  Should we call for a repair next? Or for a total replacement?

Average lifespan

Furnaces last for 15-20 years on average, depending on your maintenance.

Factors determining life expectancy

Just like the human body, furnaces also live longer, healthier lives if taken adequately care of. To ensure that, periodic maintenance is one key component. It may sound like an additional expense. However, it will save you many bucks in the longer run. Because furnaces that often miss their maintenance dates start deteriorating, resulting in higher energy consumption and unimaginable electricity bills. It will not control the room temperature up to its potential, and dirt may be found blowing in your indoor air creating an uncomfortable environment for you. At worst, it may also cause various serious consequences, including diseases or accidents.

Early-warning signals of your furnaces

Furnace itself gives you signals about its deteriorating health.  These signals include loud noise from the system, alarming rise in utility bills, dirty and uncomfortable indoor environment, furnace releasing cold air, etc.

  • Age of your device
    If your device has crossed the 15-year limit, thoroughly check its performance. If it’s working fine, there’s no need for a replacement, but if it is asking more than what it is providing, then you may have to bid goodbye to it soon.
  • Repair costs
    If the repair of your furnace costs more than 50% of the price of a new furnace, then go for a replacement.

If you need repair, maintenance, tune-up, or new installation of a furnace? Give us a quick call at the contact number displayed on our website. You may also schedule a quote. Our technicians are skilled in HVAC services and will soon provide you with a diagnosis and solution for your furnace. We are best rated for our heating repair services in Lewis Center, OH, and have always been praised for our reliable, prompt support service. Our 24/7 emergency support is always at your service.

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