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Don’t Forget To Disconnect Your Garden Hose

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Don’t Forget To Disconnect Your Garden Hose

It is officially Fall here in Ohio. The leaves have already changed and fallen to the ground. The temperatures in the evening are starting to dip below freezing. Now is the perfect time to disconnect your garden hose from your outdoor spigot.

Even if you have a “frost-free” outdoor faucet, we still recommend you remove the garden hose. Why do we recommend you remove the hoses from your outside faucets? If you leave the garden hose attached, the hose can hold water. The water in the hose will freeze and expand, which could cause connected faucets, valves, and pipes to freeze and break.

While you are outside removing the hose, perform a visual inspection of the faucet. Is it dripping or leaking? If so, the faucet needs to be repaired before freezing temperatures start.

If you have a spigot that is not “frost-free,” we recommend closing the inside shut-off valve and draining that spigot.

We hope your pipes survive the frosty, frigid winter temperatures. If you suspect you have a frozen pipe, give us a call as soon as possible. Our Technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.

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